Club Refurbishment

We have just completed the lynchpin of the club house refurbishment which is the extension of the cold room. Essentially this paves the way for the next stage which is to extend the back room to it's full footprint potential.

We have to plan the finances carefully as there is some complicated groundwork to be resolved and of course laying a new floor. This will allow for a bigger functions room and for Table Tennis to use the room without the usual 'people traffic'.

Once the back room is complete we will press on with converting the old hall to a more comfortable extra bar area (you will have noticed some substantial changes to date - re-opening of the windows and the two porch / lobby arrangements which will help us conserve heat and keep the dirt and weather out. 

The final stage will be to repair the bar sub floor.

What we are trying to achieve here is a club house that is refurbished to the standard of the new changing facilities and to enable members to utilise bar areas whilst we are running a separate function potentially.

All of this will help us to utilise our real estate and create bookings and even daytime rentals which will create a consistent revenue stream. This in order that we can continue to grow as a club and ensure that our wonderful facilities are available for generations of local sports and social members.

Thank you to everyone involved in the refurbishment planning and works it is very much appreciated by all who use the club I'm sure.

Phil Wells 
Chairman WSC

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